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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Hoshizora Illumination you Unknown Blue's 3rd step
YOUUUUU YOU YOU the Leftovers 3
Hold Angel you oar your devil Tachyon Zeta
Passion Dream you CondorTalon Cinderella Girls Starlight Remix
Hold Angel you Wiosna Fullerene Shift
Mist Tek you Gpop Touhou Kousaikai ~ Scarlet Festival Gathering (videoless)
Hold Angel you Wiosna untitled_unrevised
Jewelry Dream you CondorTalon Cinderella Girls Starlight Remix
Honey Pallet you Thumbsy High-speed Happiness Vol.3
Trance of scar you HarKIn HJv2 -Sound From The Universe-
Everything you 19*/63*/3 ITGAlex's Stamina Safari
Secret You you T. Moore SPEEEDCOOOORE 4
Mist Tek You Akseliq Two-pack
[12] [170] Everything (Medium) you ITGAlex 11-7|1/7-8/3 ECS8.5 - Lower Raw Output
Stamina RPG 5
Tadaima you Kinx Involute Cluster
Cinderella Dream you CondorTalon Cinderella Girls Starlight Remix
Hold Angel you Sefirot Sefirot'S SimfileS 1
Hold Angel you 16ths SPEEEDCOOOORE 4
傷跡 you rangta MintApril Epiphany
傷跡 you Unknown Hardcore Streamables
Trace of Scar you MintApril_ Boss Rush Mega Pack DLC
Fairy tale debut! you CondorTalon Cinderella Girls Starlight Remix
コネクト(you's GABBA Remix) you pencil Pencil
Trance of Scar you MintApril_ MintApril Epiphany
Sparkling Laser Beam you TanTan SMOC Extra
Love Light you CondorTalon TalonMix VI
Trace of Scar you Unknown Index Stamina Upper
Shiawase Transmission you arpia97 Magicschool Arpia
Reason Ray you @@ East Coast Stamina 5
Oh Henry! Mad Stamina
Revival Fire you Samctuary El Paraiso
Inside Identity you Gpop Gpop's Pack of Original Pad Sims
Eleshdata YOU 8230 jj & dd 's bb
Ajuga you CondorTalon SPEEEDCOOOORE 4
Everything you ITGAlex (19/63/3) untitled stream pack
Killer Wave (feat. TEA) you IceDynamix QHGC Pack
Sorrow you rangta MintApril Epiphany
Trance of Scar you 8230 jj & dd 's bb
Sunlight Construction you Fraxtil SPEEEDCOOOORE 4