A new version of Etterna has been released!

Download it here

The latest version of Etterna (0.56.2) is now available to download, this version is a major iteration of the internal calculator and as such will be the required version for use with Etterna Online. You do NOT have to get all your scores again, you simply need to import your old profile into the new client and it will perform recalculation.

With the latest update the client has also been brought more inline with the website this means that your online skill rating and client should be much, much closer now. There are still discrepancies due to website blacklisting but the two should feel more connected.

With all this said the website now only accepts Etterna.xml files from the new version and old non updated scores are marked as legacy.

Good luck and have fun!

Welcome to the EtternaOnline Open Beta


This website has been a long time coming and finally we've arrived at a point in time where opening it up to the public seems the logical step. A little about the site, originally the site was created to provide better searching of packs with more pertinent information such as file difficulties and artists. The need for a leaderboard based on Etterna's difficulty calculator has been needed for a while and this site has adapted to meet this need.

If you want to participate all you need to do is create an account and upload your Etterna.xml file at this point all scores that are present will be tracked provided they are from charts listed on the website - this means if you have a score on a single release chart or some obscure chart it won't be tracked, however please feel free to request packs to be added I'm more than happy to do that.


Why is my overall rating different to the client?
The website uses a different calculation to the client, however it is likely that the client will adopt the same method as the site in the future.
Why isn't a score I got tracked?
Only charts from the packs on the site are tracked if you want a pack added please request it in the EtternaOnline discord

A Final Notice

I must reiterate that this is an open beta, bugs are expected and the whole idea is to iron them out if you do find bugs please report them to us. We have a discord that can be used to make pack requests, site requests and bug reporting feel free to join us and hang out even if you have no requests.