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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Shadows in the Light Sta 23-23-7-3-2-2-7-7 StreamVoltex ep.2
The Long Years Sta ECas95 00-VANITY
BLRINK Sta Lama Lama Pack 2021
Conway's Child Sta DongShaoZhou DongShaoZhou Entertainment
radiosonde sta Unknown stapmania 3
stapmania full package
Noiseproof sta CondorTalon TalonMix VI
99 Glooms Sta ECas95 00-VANITY
Iris Sta NekoFlaa Stepmania Paradise Reborn Vol.3
99 Glooms Sta Ticle Dragon Lair
Conway's Child Sta HarKIn HJv2 -Sound From The Universe-
Conway's Child Sta Lights owo tappies
The Ricochet Sta eL Naetsuka & eL Collab Pack
The Silence Sta Wh1teh Fennec Fantasy
99 Glooms Sta Unknown Chilean Evolved Megapack II
Song for Sprites Sta Lama Christmas 2019
Conway's Child Sta Duftea Duftea's Megapack 1
The Silence sta J.Berkowitz Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 4