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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Douglas - FM200 S3RL Remix S3RL FelipeLink FelipeLink's Pack
Generic Holiday Song Offensive Mix S3RL ZenovaX Charting Secret Santa 2022
Sky Rocket (feat. Sala) S3RL N3PH[13] (24* SOF-LAN) Stepper's Delight III
T-T-Techno S3rl Unknown Index Fusion - Part 2
Keep On Ravin' Baby (VIP Mix) S3RL Thumbsy High-speed Happiness Vol.3
Fan Service S3RL ikz14 Etterna Explosion Excitepack
DOOF DOOF UNTZ UNTZ S3RL Jole Initial J First Stage
Pika Girl S3RL Unknown Nightcore Streamables
Silicon XX S3RL NeoPanga-/OlivertrucK Al Toke Collaboration Pack
Bass Slut S3RL Unknown Dingles Finale
Forbidden (feat. Avanna) S3RL FelipeLink FelipeLink's Pack
Pika Girl S3RL nv itg! Rhythm is just a step away!
It Went s3rl Unknown Braeden's Megapack 3
Braeden's Simfiles 4
It Went S3RL FelipeLink FelipeLink's Pack
FriendZoned S3RL Kiraz Pizza 'n Mafia Mega Pack
Nostalgic Gamma Gamma S3RL FelipeLink FelipeLink's Pack
MTC Gamma S3RL Dingles Dingles Finale
Pretty Rave Girl S3RL Unknown Happy Streamables
Bass Slut S3RL loafusofbread Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2
The Bass & the Melody S3RL Edmspack EDMS BI
Hentai S3RL Dingles Dingles Finale
Rave Forever S3RL Unknown masao
Want It Harder [ft. Sara] S3RL omgfail Thirdstyle Mega Pack
Pika Girl S3RL owenviau1 Index Fusion - Part 2
MTC Saga S3RL Unknown Dingles Finale
FRIENDZONE S3RL Unknown Dingles Finale
I Will Pick You Up (feat. Tamika) S3RL DmX3k Al Toke Collaboration Pack 2
Pika Girl S3RL Unknown occaecat
Birds & Bees S3rl Cut By W. MaxX d[O_o]b ChinEDGE REMIX 1
Bass Slut S3RL Unknown Index Revision
Pika Girl S3RL Blank 012s Easy Pakcage
Bass Slut S3RL yutsi itg! Rhythm is just a step away!
Take Me S3RL 1607 SMOC Extra
Light of my Life S3RL Telperion ECFA 2021 (09s Day 1)
[Extra] Hentai S3RL DourGent Chordial Blitz
Happy Hardcore Tonight S3rl Unknown Happy Streamables