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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Dead or Die REDALiCE SirChronus Guade Scheibn
Always TANO*C REDALiCE Rynker/Drazu Straight Outta the Dishwasher
ALiVE REDALiCE Gpop Gpop's Pack of Original Pad Sims III
Masakari blade REDALiCE TanTan TanTan... he is soldier
Welcome to Drakcore REDALiCE Unknown Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 2
Haachama's OP REDALiCE 1607&KT SMOC Extra
NecroFantagia(REDALiCE Remix) REDALiCE pencil Pencil
DAWN TO Kyou no Yabou REDALiCE Blazing Blazing Pack
VEGA REDALiCE Unknown Solo Japan & Rulz Pack 3
デッド・オア・ダイ REDALiCE S_Nitor Overcome CV Package2
taboo tears you up 2008 REDALiCE Nixo Nixo pack 0
グレイトなのです☆ REDALiCE Unknown Areicia Favorite Song Pack 1st Volume
Marisa Stole the Precious Thing REDALiCE Gpop Touhou Gouyoukyousoku ~ Touhou Pad Pack Revival
Kizuato REDALiCE upan osu!mania LN megapack
Acceleration REDALiCE Kirby5464 Gimmick Madness
Mami Mami Zone REDALiCE Copied from Remi
Oriental Darkcore REDALiCE Unknown Stepmania Factory Pack II
Cross Breeding REDALiCE Unknown Definitive Keyboard Megapack
Seawater REDALiCE Unknown Tweety Simfiles 101-125
VEGA REDALiCE P. Mason The Lovingly Eccentric Wacky Dance Pack
Crush Out REDALiCE Unknown masao
Zipang REDALiCE KH_Supernova KH_Supernova Memories
Nice Boat REDALiCE NUWGET itg! Rhythm is just a step away!
[8] Always TANO*C REDALiCE Blank ATTang's SunSunMix
taboo tears you up 2008 REDALiCE CondorTalon Touhou Gouyoukyousoku ~ Touhou Pad Pack Revival
Fox Bomb REDALiCE L. Whiterock Index T0urnament
Geving up on Love REDALiCE Fruity M3-43
RED to RED REDALiCE SirChronus Guade Scheibn
Tempesta REDALiCE owenviau1 owenviau1 Simfiles 6
Drill Smasher REDALiCE Gamergull Gull's Arrows 7
Kick It REDALiCE Gamergull Gull's Arrows - Best
Gull's Arrows 6
FLOWER REDALiCE Remix REDALiCE pencil Pencil
The Result of Using "Squid Sisters" for DJ'ing lol REDALiCE Gpop Gpop's Pack of Original Pad Sims II
Nano Desu (E3 Remix) REDALiCE Yyorshire Yyorshire Minipack
フブキちゃんのPAN→PAN↑PAN↓ REDALiCE Submitted by Chmurek Blue Arrow Project 2
VEGA REDALiCE ChasePines_101 (21*/45*/5*/44) Stamina Secret Santa 2020
Taboo Tears You Up REDALiCE Kong SMOC_5th
FLOWER REDALiCE Remix REDALiCE Unknown Moromi Original
Lucky Star REDALiCE Unknown Bemani
Flower REDALiCE Remix REDALiCE MintApril MintApril Extents