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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
St. Scarhand AKIMO Unknown 98 Solo Files
Head Banger AKIMO Copied from Rebound Vibrajacking Pack Finale
Determination AKIMO Kommisar FFR Community Pack Summer 2011
St. Scarhand AKIMO Unknown Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 4
St. Scarhand AKIMO Arvin Stamina Showcase
St. Scarhand AKIMO Unknown Otaku's Dream Japan Mix 2nd Keyboard
St. Scarhand AKIMO Unknown CN.ZK
Emphasizers pack of extremly hard but perfectly clearable files
Hard Shit
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 1
Puritanical Penis Pack II
The hardests songs eva 1
St. Scarhand AKIMO Zaia - 15(low) FS Cirque du Lykan
Determination AKIMO Kommisar Cirque du Zonda
Determination AKIMO Unknown Astronomic Metal Collection 2
St. Scarhand Akimo Unknown RKR2 Keyboard MegaPack III
St. Scarhand Gamma AKIMO Unknown SonicRainboom pack