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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Velaciela naotyu- Psicho GOM PACK
#74 naotyu- Unknown Mizuki's Simfiles
EUROPEAN AVIATION naotyu- Unknown Foonmix2.5
Mistral naotyu- Unknown Swirling Toilet bowl of Glorious Dumps Pack V1 !!
L99 naotyu- Einar Stepmania Open Cafe Hard Pack 1
L99 naotyu- Einar Einar Final
L99 naotyu- 落とし穴+α 34GTR
The Biggest Toaster (Remake) naotyu- ArcMage D3MIX COMPLETE
Velaciela naotyu- -damepo7- 34GTR
Areicia Favorite Song Pack 1st Volume
Her Majesty naotyu- Unknown Mizuki's Simfiles
Her Majesty naotyu- Blank Moromi Original
Her Majesty naotyu- Unknown k-
Caixa dagua naotyu- Unknown Bispo & Edslash Radioactive setlist