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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Nauticus' Tragic Past Revealed Zaghurim Unknown Hard Songs Megapack Volume 2
Hyper Exige Zaghurim Unknown Red Fraction Pack
Almsty's Opening Theme Zaghurim Blank SMGpack 2
Select Ship (Stage Remix) Zaghurim Unknown Flash Flash Revolution Community Pack
Kommisar's Kawaii Desu Pack
Nintendostyle! Zaghurim Copied from Lost From The Internet Pack
BlasterForce Zaghurim B. Sudzius Sudziosis 4
PORCO DIO Zaghurim Copied from Hard Songs Megapack Volume 1
Over a Frail Dream
Zaghurim Originals [356 MB version]
Assraping Pirate Lord Zaghurim Unknown Zaghurim Originals [356 MB version]
Green is the Color of Izzy Zaghurim Unknown Bunch of Files You Probably Don't Have 5 -OLD SCHOOL EDITION-
Zaghurim Originals [356 MB version]
Malice Zaghurim Copied from SMGpack 2
Bionic Zombie Zaghurim Unknown Shadowpyre's Ascension Collection
Zaghurim Originals [356 MB version]
My Friend Bidulz Zaghurim Copied from 30 solo sims
Zymgoria's 8-Bit Adventure Zaghurim lmao JDongs' Sockstyle Sims 1
Zymgoria's 8-Bit Adventure Zaghurim lmao Hard Songs Megapack Volume 8
Midare Megapack 3
Konata Chainsaw Gun Zaghurim Unknown ODIpack
Skalman Stage - Sj'o'n Zaghurim Unknown Xoon Legacy Pack
Secret Item Zaghurim Unknown ODIpack
The hardests songs eva 3
Battletoads and Double Dragon Theme Zaghurim Challenge Blurk
Over a Frail Dream
SS 13th Style