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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Cybernecia Catharsis Tanchiky Hiiro The Joy of Streaming 2
Fly Away Tanchiky 80/7-15'32 ITGAlex's Stamina Safari
TENKAI Rising (RiraN Psystyle Remix) Tanchiky PianoLuigi QHGC Pack
snow flower Tanchiky Elekton Elexon
ENERGY SYNERGY MATRIX Tanchiky Sheenoboo Celeb Dumplings (Delicious Edition)
[16] [184] Cybernecia Catharsis Tanchiky ITGAlex 73/15/50 ECS8.5 - Lower Raw Output
Stamina RPG 5
ENERGY SYNERGY MATRIX Tanchiky Mirin Postmodern Technology
Welcome to Blue Screen Park Tanchiky Unknown Aeon's Music Collection
Riot Tanchiky TYLR's Technical Difficulties TYLR's Technical Difficulties
Confide Tanchiky YoshL Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni
ENERGY SYNERGY MATRIX Tanchiky Unknown Blue's 6th step
Oboro Cybernetics Tanchiky ITGAlex BemaniBeats 5
snow flower Tanchiky awemanrank100 Flow
Confide Tanchiky Valex Secret Stepfile Santa 2019
rEļ¼šVoltagers Tanchiky naetsuka naetsuka's Megapack Volume 2