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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Can You Feel The Sunshine SEGA KcHecKa Team Dolphin!!
Streets of Rage SEGA HellKiteChaos HellKiteChaos
Christmas NiGHTS Sega Unknown DDR Video Games 2nd Mix
Final Boss Sega Unknown LongGone' Solo Files Chapter 1
Mean Bean Machine Multiplayer Sega Unknown Hardpain of Hell
Emerald Hill Zone Sega Unknown VGMP
Sonic CD Sega BASIC DDR Video Games 2nd Mix
Stage Clear SEGA Unknown Hard Songs Megapack Volume 9
Pyramid Cave SEGA Flossy Minty Fresh Pack 2
[Sonic BTS'12 OST] 2-25 JINGLE SEGA Copied from Stepmania Is A Experience!
Invincible SEGA KcHecKa Team Dolphin!!
Sonic 3 Music - Invincible SEGA foxfire667 2010 Time Capsule - Foxfire - The second coming
Windy Hill Zone SEGA Unknown Team JosecKa!!
Panic Puppet Act2 SEGA Yamigenbu Stepmania Open Cafe Hard Pack 1
Hydrocity Zone SEGA Copied from Community Keyboard Megapack - Volume 3
Over a Frail Dream
SS 9th Style
Sonic X Sega Challenge DDR Anime 5th Mix
Invincible V2 SEGA KcHecKa Team Dolphin!!
Marble Zone SEGA Unknown VGMP 2
Blue Sphere Title Screen Music SEGA Unknown Team GeckoOS!!
vs. mode SEGA Unknown Lost From The Internet Pack
Sweet Mountain SEGA Unknown Team GeckoOS!!
Bonus Stage SEGA KcHecKa Team Polygon!!
Emerald Hill Zone Sega Mandodo Mandodo's Awesome Pack Of Lovely Simfiles
Charlie Takes The Field SEGA Unknown Team JosecKa!!
Shinobi 3 Sega BASIC Anime Toshokan - DDR Video Games 5th Mix
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega ANOTHER DDR Anime 3rd Mix