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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Pogo Digitalism Unknown Pixl's Minipack 2
Pogo Digitalism StarrySergal The Starter Pack of Stamina
The Pulse Digitalism Unknown RARSelection
[SPECIAL-1] Pogo Digitalism DourGent DourGent's Minipack 2
Circles Digitalism Mango The Joy of Streaming
Pogo Digitalism Unknown Timdam Snackpack 2
Home Zone Digitalism RARS RAR's Compressed Pack 2
Falling Digitalism Civilization Scarlet Minipack
Home Zone(x1.2) Digitalism Unknown RARS
Falling Digitalism Monheim Monheim Feedbacker Pack
Falling Digitalism NippleJW Nostealpack 2 (Worse Edition)