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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Algolic Confusion An Trixta Speed Training for SM Vol. 1
Foltits An T. Whitehurst Skittles Seconds
Xhroria An tera Tera's Megapack vol.2
TearVid An Einar Einar Final
THE BMS OF FIGHTERS 2011 -Intersection of Conflict-
TearVid An Copied from AA.Netplay
FFR Community Pack Spring 2012
Xhroria An TanTan SMOC Extra
ExaVid An Abraxos Mini Game
The End AN Xeuphroda Shirosaki mieru
LittleGameStar An Unknown Moromi Original
Carmelia An CondorTalon TalonMix V
Catanoph An TheToaphster osu!mania LN megapack
Cagayake!GIRLS AN Unknown Mizuki's Simfiles
Xhroria An SKAITO SMOC 8th
Immortal Ribbon An Spooty ECFA 2021 (11s Day 1)
覚醒パーティクル An pencil Pencil
Immortal Ribbon An Unknown Lofty Dump MiniPack
TearVid An Copied from Areicia Favorite Song Pack 1st Volume
Dive Archive An 16/80*/14/20* ITGAlex's Stamina Safari
繚乱華月 An Unknown Moromi Original
Encryption An TanTan SMOC Extra
Kellch An T. Whitehurst Skittles Seconds
Saigo An juankristal osu!mania LN megapack
TearVid An Copied from Blue's 1st step