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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Brawl Breaks 3R2 Rekon Super Polska Chordjack #1
Seeds of Smile 3R2 Magikarp1234 K - Mini Pack 3R2 Hylotl Restia's Restroom 21
Destiny History 3R2 CondorTalon TalonMix III
Beyond the Horizon 3R2 Copied from Blue's 1st step
Devillic Sphere 3R2 ECas95 00-VANITY
The Truth Never Spoken 3R2 prime132 Super Polska Chordjack #6
Blow my Mind tpz Overheat Remix 3R2 11Bit Overcome CV Package2
Happiness Breeze 3R2 ECas95 00-VANITY
Corruption 3R2 Mongol Super Polska Chordjack #3
下一站與你 3R2 Magikarp1234 Together For a Shared Future
Standby for Action 3R2 Unknown Chilean Evolved Megapack II
Sudden Death 3R2 11Bit Overcome CV Package2
Colorful Skies 3R2 freyja 146*(18)80* Cytus 1 - Side A
The Hardcore Sound From Asia 3R2 CondorTalon Touhou Gensouyou ~ Illusionary Dance Fantasy
See You Tomorrow 3R2 CondorTalon TalonMix V
Colorful Skies 3R2 FelipeLink FelipeLink's Pack
Umidoru! Ikadoru! Makinadoru! 3R2 CondorTalon TalonMix V
Voices of Belief (Silaver Remix) 3R2 DourGent STEP_PROJECT
Colorful Skies 3R2 Glorionoly Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2
Sudden Death 3R2 lj.png Solo Rulz Pack 4
なのです~ 3R2 YUZU@267 24-36-66*-16|18-22-1-1 B.A.S
Blow my Mind 3R2 ECas95 00-VANITY
Sweetness and Love [ft. DJ Mashiro] 3R2 ChloMoDJz Thirdstyle Mega Pack
Beyond the Horizon 3R2 Gpop Gpop's Pack of Original Pad Sims III
Beyond the Horizon 3R2 Unknown k-
Starlight (Kiva Remix) 3R2 ECas95 00-VANITY
Sudden Death 3R2 Suzuya Super Polska Chordjack #2
Sudden Death 3R2 Siqmax Overcome CV Package4
Feel My Happiness 3R2 Mango 18*|10*/16*/18*|8/15* Mango's Microrave Samplur
Theme of Rabi-Ribi 3R2 Irisu Shirosaki mieru
The Battle Anthem 3R2 Gpop Kantai Collection PadColle Kai
cyberspace.exe 3R2 Hylotl Restia's Restroom 21
Sayonara 3R2 Unknown Blue's 2nd step
NRG Tech 3R2 Unknown Silverlution
Let's Go on an Adventure 3R2 freyja - FS Cytus 1 - Side A
Blow my Mind (tpz Overheat Remix) 3R2 11Bit APEX Extreme