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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
stupid horse 100 gecs StarrySergal StarrySergal's Flamin Hot Munchies
hand crushed by a mallet 100 gecs Apomonosi The Really Shitty gold stinger Pack that NO ONE will ProbAblY play V9
Gec 2 U 100 gecs rog Untitled Etterna Pack
xXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx (Remix) [feat. Tommy Cash & Hannah Diamond] 100 Gecs DongShaoZhou DumpAss Dude's Dream 2
Bloodstains 100 GECS Bitchfucker (not IcyWorld) Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy 4
money machine 100 gecs augie- Polarin Pack 4
ringtone 100 gecs midgy Grape Cola 3
midgy's cartography collection III
745 sticky 100 gecs Nosteal Nostealpack 2 (Worse Edition)
xXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx 100 Gecs XingRen DumpAss Dude's Dream 2