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Songname Artist Step Artist Packs
Routing かめりあ JOE2 BemaniBeats 3
Bangin' Burst かめりあ Copied from SOUND VOLTEX INFINITE GRAVITY
Towards The Horizon かめりあ ITGAlex BemaniBeats 5
Champions Of The Coast 2018
Welcome To The Cyphisonia かめりあ T. Li 5guys1pack (Null Offset)
Glitch Nerds かめりあ ATB BemaniBeats 4
ORCA かめりあ Unknown Misterkister's Survival 2.0 (1st Chapter)
Bangin' Burst かめりあ Unknown Moromi Original
Dyscontrolled Galaxy かめりあ Unknown SDVX Station I
I Can Fly in the Universe かめりあ ITGAlex Stamina Showcase
Together forever, my lovely lovely video game cartridges かめりあ BetaVN Beta's Fun Minipack
Bass Weapon\ かめりあ RGTM BemaniBeats 6
*Feels Seasickness...* かめりあ Unknown SDVX Station I
overcomplexification かめりあ Starry- Yolomania Vol. 4
A:XOVER かめりあ Night39 (charts), KandaRainbowsoul(GFX-text appending on Banner+Jacket) Stepmania Paradise Reborn Vol.1
Lunatic Rough Party!! かめりあ Caliber Fullerene Shift
Bangin' Burst かめりあ Unknown SDVX Station I
(14) ANOMALY かめりあ Unknown ECFA 5 - H. S. 2 (Team Battle)
The Octopus かめりあ Dingles Dingles Finale
dreamless wanderer かめりあ Caliber Fullerene Shift
gigadelic (かめりあ's 'The TERA' RMX) かめりあ Blank Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 2
Completeness Under Incompleteness かめりあ Kazye562 Kazye's Speedy Speed Files
Συζυγία かめりあ Cyrillic Miracle Streamz^2
Bangin' Burst かめりあ rCaliberGX Yolomania Vol. 3
Bangin' Burst かめりあ TechniJawn SPEEEDCOOOORE 4
One Bite かめりあ Fraxtil Fraxtil's Cute Charts
Artificial Snow かめりあ DarkZtar The Void - Then, Now, and the Future
Xéroa かめりあ Blank Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 2
gigadelic かめりあ ITGAlex BemaniBeats 4
ECFA 5 - H. S. 2 (Team Battle)
* Erm, could it be a Spatiotemporal ShockWAVE Syndrome...? かめりあ -YOSEFU- Has ShockWAVE Syndrome UPS5
K.Y.A.F.A. (Kill You All Fucking Asshole) かめりあ Ky_Dash Stamina Showcase 2
EMPIRE OF FLAME かめりあ Blank Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 2
Dyscontrolled Galaxy かめりあ Valex BemaniBeats 6
[BUZRA 1] yamabiko (SINOBUZ Edition) かめりあ AZVW_2 AZVW's Mini pack vol. 3 -SINGLE SECTION-
Dyscontrolled Galaxy かめりあ P. Clark [16*!, 30*@242/28*, 6@242/44*!, 6@242] 17 The PCBG Pack of Whatever
Dyscontrolled Galaxy かめりあ Unknown Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 2
Anomaly かめりあ J. Berkowitz Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 9
crystallized かめりあ CND9 Stamina Secret Santa 2019
[21] [230] NIGHTMARE CITY かめりあ ITGAlex 41*/27*/78|25*-31/48* ECS8.5 - Upper Raw Output
NITROUS CANNON かめりあ Ninevolt Stamina Showcase 2
*(Convolution) かめりあ pencil Pencil
gigadelic かめりあ Suimega Acerola
Lunatic Rough Party!! かめりあ Unknown Moromi Original
wanna go to a beach かめりあ ITGAlex ITGAlex's Compilation 2
(13) Lunatic Rough Party!! (No CMOD) かめりあ Spooty ECFA 5 - H. S. 2 (Team Battle)
Bass Bomb かめりあ J. Berkowitz Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 9